Nate and Wes aren't cousins... where on earth did you hear that?!

Wiki >_>. I just like that idea, so it’s my head canon

How come you don't ship yourself with Wes? He's sooo hot. ;)

Anon, if you are the same anon from the last message, I totally love that question XD

Well, I actually played Surviving High School first, and looked at him once and went, “Meh.”  Then I saw Nate, and I was like, “Ooh, look at you!~”


Wes seemed super shady to me at the time, so I actually ship my main character, Olivia, with Nate and I added him in my High School Story game for that purpose.  I also read somewhere that Nate and Wes are related (cousins) and I thought, “Oh hellz nah, I ain’t mixin’ her in that family drama.”  So I didn’t.  


There was also the fact that I didn’t even know Wes was a playable character to begin with.  I thought he was just there like Max and Kara (for the story’s purpose) and would never have him in the school.  I ended up having Autumn, the girl who I wanted to set him up with because of SHS, date Julian, not knowing that Wes could join the school.  

Then there was the whole situation that my main (Olivia) was already in a pretty far relationship with Nate and I threw the idea of her and Wes out the window so fast, it’s still going out there.  I finished Wes’ story about his brother and hearing that he loved to play guitar, I did the next best thing I thought I could do and brought in Tyler, a female Musician, for Wes.  Since she plays the guitar, I thought it’d be cute that maybe she can play the guitar for him and they’d get along well together…eventually.  Which is where this fanfic is going.

In the end, I feel like this was the events that I have left Wes in.




Nonetheless, I do find Wes to be a very compelling piece of ass now XP

Eww tyler :( She needs professional help because of the cutting herself with razor blades for "love" thing. She's way too fucked up for poor Wes.

Ohhhh…you read the story didn’t you? XD. Still working out technical things with it, but trust me, she stops at some point before she ends up with Wes :3


You know what we do to liars?


Petey knows.

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I follow you and a few others everywhere regardless. It does help that u also like resident evil :3


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